You HAVE To Run the Numbers!

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I subscribe to a number of email lists.

Among other things, I enjoy reading what’s on the minds of the movers and shakers in the world of online business and travel.

Ramit Sethi is the author of the well-known but unfortunately named site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Despite the name, he actually offers solid advice and guidance in a number of areas.

I recently subscribed to his list.

He sends out some interesting emails with often colorful language, but one last week caught my eye, because Ramit was thinking like an accountant in the best way possible.

Now lest he discover my assertion, and not take kindly to being told that he thinks like an accountant, let me explain.

The email to which I refer had in the subject line: [Read more...]

Why you SHOULD be thinking about commission splits!

Nothing to do with commissions, just a cool shot from North Carolina’s Sand Dollar Island

This post is short, it includes free stuff, and it deals with a subject that I know is close to all of your hearts:


Commission splits specifically.

Really understanding how your commission split works can help improve your bottom line, instantly.


Back in June, Meredith Hill of the Gifted Travel Network and the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs published a great piece on analyzing commission splits with your host agencies.

I am quickly becoming a fan of Meredith’s, and you should check out her article.

Just to summarize, Meredith is encouraging us to take a close look at the plans available from various hosts so we’re not giving away commission dollars that could be ending up in our wallets.

That 70/30 split sounds great, but is it?

Well…that depends. [Read more...]